1. It keeps your guests entertained.

It's important to consider that events have lulls. For example, when the bride and groom are off taking formal wedding photos, your guests could be completely entertained by taking fun photos instead of queuing up at the bar.

2. It's suitable for all ages.

Anyone can use the photobooth. This means grandma, or the baby cousins! Our photobooth is height-adjustable, so anyone can join in on the fun! :)

3. You can totally incorporate to your theme into it.

From poker night, to kentucky derby parties, we got all the props you would ever needs and more. (but seriously...need a 6 foot blow up flamingo? You got it.)

4. Candid memories.

Sure, a traditional photographer is great. But 2,062 photos of your friends fake smiling? let's make it a little more fun and get photos of your friends and family giving each other piggy back rides while take shots of fireball.

5. Easy wedding favors!

One and done. Who needs a tiny tube of bubbles anyway?